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Hi, I'm Karey, and this is my service dog, Frankie.

I work with individuals and groups to create images that tell the story of their unique offerings and personalities.


I especially enjoy working with artists, advocates, activists, animal lovers, small business owners, and those whose efforts support the well-being of humans and the environment.


My goal is to work collaboratively with clients to create an authentic visual representation of themselves and their work and for both of us to have a good time doing it!

Karey Kenst

Pronouns: they/them

Statement on Social Location

I am a white, queer, trans non-binary person raised in the southeastern United States, now living in an urban center in the northeast. I have a degree in public health and training from professional service dog programs in Boston, MA and Orlando, FL. I navigate the world with a service dog to help mitigate the effects of a chronic disability. I have lived on and benefitted from the traditional territories of the Cherokee, Osage, Miami, Shawnee, Peoria, Ho-Chunk, Sauk and Meskwaki, Sioux, Wampanoag, Massachusett, Narragansett, and Agawam.

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