Golden Leo (2020) 

Made to honor a golden friend

Comfort Quilt (2020)

Made for a friend and washed in sea water to bring clarity, comfort, and ease

Many Homes (2020)

Additional photos forthcoming

This quilt was made slowly over the course of living in four different homes. It is made of fabrics connected to people and experiences in each place. This process served as a way of holding space for sentimental attachments, as well as the act of letting go inherent in leaving familiar places to begin something new.

Wild Habitats (2019)


Additional photos forthcoming


This quilt is an homage to the wild habitats and their inhabitants - plants, animals, fungi, waters, and humans - that have lifted and carried me through challenging times. These friendships are a miracle of being human, each one a wild habitat worth honoring and preserving.

We Were Tender Tendrils, Brushing & Dancing Across the Kitchen Floor (2019)

​This quilt was made in honor of a joyful 3 minute tooth brushing dance party with a 9 year old child. In honor of moments when the lines between child and adult blur in camaraderie and play. In honor of dental hygiene and finding ways to embrace the simultaneous tedium and magic of life, growth, and human existence. In honor of the love that remains after loss. In honor of the mundane tasks, as well as the spiritual fortitude, required to keep going. And in honor of daffodils, vine-covered arbors, and yards full of raspberries and marmots

Queer Magic Quilt (2019)

This quilt celebrates queer magic in its many forms, the gift and effort of showing up for chosen family, and the beauty of reciprocal support and exchange.

What We Can Learn about Interdependence (2018)

This quilt was made as an inspirational piece for a theatrical production about horseshoe crabs and explores the theme of interdependence in nature and among humans.

Forest Quilt (2017)

A simple baby quilt to welcome

Lucille Gray to the world

You Belong on the Green & Blue Earth (2017)

I made this quilt for a beloved child to encourage an appreciation for and connection with the natural world - necessary to ensure the survival of plants, animals, oceans, and humans. 

Untitled (2015)

This quilt traveled to many places and became a vessel for experiences of love, grief, and fracture. It was featured in an ocean-side performance,

Made New, and has since been deconstructed and transformed into a new quilt for members of my chosen family as a reminder of our capacity to compost old traumas into new possibilities and joy.