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Join me in song!


I’ve created a long-distance choir and collective photo project to tap into the power of presence, song, and community (however dispersed) in these trying times. This is for anyone and everyone, anywhere, of any age or background, and you can join by getting in touch with me via the Contact page. Anyone can join at any time!

No rules! No obligation! No singing talent required!

Just a personal investment in connection and joy.


Here’s how it works:


1. Every Friday I’ll send a text with the link to a song that everyone in the group can sing at any point on that same day (or any day). You’ll get one text from me a week.


2. Sing the song! Interpret this as loosely as you’d like. Sing with your voice, hum, whistle, sign, hear the song in your head, get out your flugelhorn and play it - whatever moves you. Just “sing,” and think of the other friendly folks singing with you across space and time.


3. Take a snapshot wherever you are when you sing. Just observe what’s around you and take a photo. It doesn’t have to be fancy, unless you want it to be. Text me your photo. I will keep track of songs and photos for one year (until the 2020 summer solstice) and will make a photo book available to those in the group and beyond.

4. Want to join? Send me a message via the Contact page with your phone number and any songs you want to sing. Feel free to invite others to join!

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